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Here at LawnRight we offer a range of friendly and professional services that help improve your lawn.

When we treat your lawn, the cost to you is cheaper than what you would pay to do it yourself.  Seriously!

Along with our professional tools and skilled licensed team members we have the skills, product and know how to turn any lawn into a thing of beauty, even if you think it is not worth saving!

Feed And Weed Treatments

This is the core of our business.

We provide a unique “feed and weed” service that can be paid either on a “pay as you go” basis, or via a monthly direct debit option to help spread the (already low) cost.

We visit your property (dates are roughly every 10 weeks) to apply these treatments.

You will be aware of the date, as we always put the date on the previous invoice.  In addition, you will also be contacted before we come (1 to 3 days) with a reminder.  This would be a simple text message, phone call or email.  All you need to do is ensure we have access, and stay off the lawn for a couple of hours afterwards.  Pets would need to be kept off during this 2 hour window (or until dry) as well.

In addition to the feed and weed service, we monitor and assess your lawn each time we visit (approximately every 10 weeks) and provide you with feedback, advice and tips to help improve it into a thing of beauty.

Click here to read more on the Fertilizing process.

Click here to read more on the weedkilling process.


Aeration helps to get relieve compaction in your lawn by removing thousands of tiny cores.  This helps rainwater and Oxygen get straight to where it is needed the most.  Aeration is highly advised on an annual basis and is often considered to be one of the best things you can ever do to your lawn.  Click here for more information on lawn aeration.


This service removes the build up of spongy “thatch” that every lawn has.  A lawn thick with that will suffer from drought more readily and become harder and harder to manage year on year.  Some lawns develop more thatch than others, so it is advised to scarify each year to ensure the optimum level of thatch for the best growing conditions.  Click here for more information on lawn scarification.


Overseeding your lawn should be a regular thing, especially if you want to keep it thick lush and healthy.  Adding extra seeds to your ground can help fight off weeds and moss from trying to invade the space.  Find out more about overseeding your lawn here.


Topdressing your lawn is simply putting materials on the top of your lawn.  If course it isn’t as simple as that, but it is a straightforward process.  The key is not to apply topdressing too heavily else you risk smothering the lawn and killing it off.  Find out more about topdressing your lawn here.

Moss control:

Our moss control applications (2 of the 5 core lawn treatments) deal with moss formation.  They are an iron based product that are sprayed directly on to the lawn.  These products get to work and help to stop the moss spreading (effectively controlling it).  The moss turns Black and the grass will often become a slightly deeper shade of Green.  Find out more about our moss control applications here.

Lawn renovation (no need to re-turf your garden!)

We provide a service that is extremely cost-attractive when you compare it to the cost of re-turfing your entire garden.

Our lawn renovation is simple in itself.  We simply put all our machines to work to take your old tired problemmatic lawn back to scratch and breathe new life into it.  In essence this is a brand new lawn, but quite literally a fraction of the cost of turfing.

We have a great formula that involves a double scarification, aeration, over-seeding and top-dressing.  Then we use our own “Emerald Green” formula to make everything come together.  When this is watered twice-daily, amazing things start to happen.

Click here to read more about our lawn renovation services.

Hard surface cleaner for moss and algae removal

We have a treatment that will help to gently lift moss and algae from slippery surfaces aroudn your property.  We can safely clean fences, decking, patios, pathways and so on.  This is avery slow acting but effective cleaner that gently lifts off the algae and are taken away when it rains.  Or you can simply hose it down a few weeks later.

Click here to find out more about our hard surface cleaner.

Pest control

Ants, worms, chafer grubs and leatherjackets.  Often hated by garden lovers.  Most of these can comfortably be controlled.  Despite numerous chemical bans in place, we have a few handy tricks up our sleeves.  Click here for more information on lawn pests.

Disease control

At different times of the year, a lawn will go through a wide range of conditions, and as part of our service we can advise you when we visit of any problems you may be having and offer a solution.  Snow mould, Red thread, Fairy rings and more.  Whatever the problem, we can help!  Click here for more information on lawn diseases.

Emerald Green

Emerald Green is our special “magic like” combination of products that delivers wonderful improvements.  It turbo boosts lawn care.  It fixes drought stressed lawns within 2 weeks (lawns that have been drought stressed for many months won’t benefit), and turns nice lawns into lush deep Green lawns far easier.  Click here to read more about our Emerald Green lawn application.

If you’ve any questions then do not hesitate to get in touch.  We have a contact form at the top of the site or you can give us a call on 0800 024 6114.

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