Lawn Renovation

No need to turf!

Our lawn renovations are extremely inexpensive compared to the cost of turfing.

Turfing isn’t cheap

Did you know that turfing companies will often charge from £10, £15 or up to £20 per square metre to lay a new lawn.  the higher end is based on groundwork as well, but even at £10 per square metre a simple 50 square metre lawn would cost you £500 to £750.

What’s the alternative?

We can renovate your lawn quite literally for a fraction of the cost.  We do need to look at every lawn to assess if any extra topsoil etc. is needed, but in most cases you can expect to pay way less than half  or even as much as a third of the cost of turfing.

(In fact another very well known lawn care company charges literally 3 to 4 times more for the same service).

Is a renovation really as good?

Well, we seem to think so, and the results speak for themselves.

People have said numerous time that they have got a brand new lawn.

In fact the cost is really quite affordable (and you can spread the cost of this over the 12 months running up to having it done), that a lot of people simply have their lawns renovated every year because it keeps the lawn in perfect top condition.

How to renovate your lawn

The steps are something we have carried out far too many times.  We are able to take any lawn that is tired and struggling to a lush Green lawn in a couple of months.

  • Step 1 involves us measuring the lawn area and that gives us the total square metres.  At this stage, if the lawn has a lot of difficult weeds then we would apply a total killer and return 2 to 4 few weeks later.  This will kill the weeds completely and the grass where we have sprayed will die too.  If the whole lawn has a lot of difficult weeds then we would spray the whole lawn.
  • Step 2 is to use our machines to prepare the ground.  This will usually be a heavy scarify, aerate and clear up.  We may need to bring in extra topsoil for levelling up, however most of the time this is not necessary as our machines can even out some minor humps.
  • Step 3 is to overseed the lawn. 
  • Step 4 is to topdress the lawn.
  • Step 5 is to apply the appropriate fertilizer.
  • Step 6 is to apply our Emerald Green treatment.
  • Step 7 is to water the lawn well
  • Step 8 is to hand over the lawn back to you along with some very clear guidelines on what to do for the next 2 months to ensure success happens.

At step 8, success is measured in how well you follow the instructions.

Unfortunately if you do not follow them to the letter then there is often a chance that not all of the seeds will germinate.

What are the guidelines for success following a renovation by LawnRight?

Watering and keeping off the lawn for the first 4 weeks (including pets).

The seeds will need to be kept moist as much as possible for the first 3 weeks regardless.

We recommend that during the first 3 weeks you are watering 3 to 4 times a day for brief 15 minute intervals. 

  • Just enough to lightly to wet the ground, not too heavy to over-water and move the seeds around.  Follow this to the letter and seeds can start to spring up within as little as 5 days depending on the weather.
  • The seeds will come up slowly at first in random patches but then all of a sudden within the next few days you should be seeing a sea of Green!

From weeks 3 to week 5 (after the seeds have come through) watering needs to be changed.

  • We recommend that you water twice a day for 15 to 20 minutes instead of 4 times a day.  Morning and late evening.

From weeks 6 to week 8

  • Water once per day for 20 minutes morning only.  You still want to minimise the amount of activity that takes place on the lawn.  Children and pets will want to go on, but it is important that this is very minimal.
  • At this stage you can get the lawn mower out and lightly take off the top off the grass.  Do not cut it shorter than 2 inches.

From week 8 and onwards

  • Revert back to a good general watering pattern of watering 2 to 3 times a week deeply during the morning.  Typically 30 minutes.
  • Mow once per week, ensuring you don’t mow any shorter than 1.5 inches for the rest of the year where possible.  At this stage the roots will still be young and not very deep, so if you cut the grass short it weakens the grass and things can revert back.

If you follow the above advice to the letter then we guarantee our work will produce a lush Green lawn. 

The only things that can affect the work are things outside of our control such as a heavy rain storm.  This has happened to us before where the heavy rain washed seeds out of their place and the seeds bunched up leaving random bare areas.  We simply re-visited and reseeded those areas.

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