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Shaun from Lawnright

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  1. Hi Shaun,
    Again another great video.
    I live in Germany and enjoy all types of garding, especially my lawn. I went into pension two years ago. A lot of people ask me if I could get their lawn looking like Mein. As yet I haven’t done one really because I don’t know what to charge. Could you help?

    1. LawnRight Admin

      Hi Steve, most renovations can be done in a day really as long as you’ve got the right machines. Youd simply need to know how much the materials will cost you and add on a days wage.. sometimes they can be done in half a day. Dont undercut yourself is all I can say. After while you’ll get a feel for knowing what to charge. Good luck!

  2. Hi Shaun
    ALL your video s are absolutely great and helpfull with no doubt.
    QUESTION no1
    Why you are so into STIHL scaerifier
    Are those machine so good or is There Any other reason?

    Question no2
    Canot find the Link in your comments
    For DUTCH version of compost spreader no LANDZIE one.
    Could you Please get the link here?
    Best Regards LUDO

    1. LawnRight Admin

      Hi Ludo.. no particular reason other than reliability and affordability. Stihl offer professional products but are relatively affordable when compared to commercial greenkeeping brands that are typically 3 to 5 times more expensive. I found the dutch spreader. I googled it and found it so far down here: I had heard about it in a lawn care group on Facebook but couldn’t recall it)

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