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Turfsolv will help keep your lawn happy and healthy by controlling grub problems, ant problems and disease problems.  This wonder product is 100% organic and non-toxic to animals.  Since many pesticides have been banned we are thrilled to now be using this product that has helped keep many lawns safer from problems.

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When you buy Turfsolv, you can get your lawn back under control.

Ants, Chafer Grubs and leatherjacket grubs can all be controlled naturally with this exciting organic product.

Turfsolv is the next generation of lawn care products.

  • Controls chafer grubs (in as little as 1 to 2 applications)
  • Controls leatherjacket grubs (in as little as 1 to 2 applications)
  • Helps the lawn recover from stress (by adding key nutrients)
  • May help with lawn fungus, and help it to recover faster  (by strengthening the plant to be more hardy)
  • May help with ants (not claimed by the manufacturer, but we have personally seen good control of Black ants and some control of Red ants)

Turfsolv is an organic product that helps to keep your lawn healthy by keeping many pests under control.  These include grubs and ants and some lawn diseases.

After lengthy conversations with the Uk importer/tester, and our own trials, the best results come by applying once per month.

The bottle is 500ml in size.

How to apply Turfsolv

  • Start off by briefly wetting your lawn
  • Simply mix 2ml of Turfsolv, with 100ml of water (in watering can with a fine rose) and this covers 1 square metre.
  • Multiply by the number of square metres in your lawn.
  • Apply by walking up and down your lawn.
  • Water in briefly.
  • Sit back and relax.


Turfsolv application rate


Step 1 is to find out your lawn size.  Let’s say 35 sq metres.  So you will need 70ml of Turfsolv, and 3.5 litres of water.

  1. Begin by briefly wetting your lawn.
  2. Then using a watering can with a fine rose (or sprayer), apply the right amount.  Do not over-apply, or add more Turfsolv than what is needed as it is very counter-productive.
  3. Then water the mixture in.
  4. Repeat after 3 days
  5. Repeat once per month

For a 35 sq metre lawn, you will get approximately 6 applications, making Turfsolv extremely cost effective.


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