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Emerald Green Lawn Tonic (1 litre size –  2 x 500ml bottles)

Brings back drought-stressed lawns in under 2 weeks.

Every Summer lawns find it hard to stay and look Green.

Additionally, you have to water more than ever before.

Emerald Green is:

  • SAFE FOR PETS AND CHILDREN once watered in
  • 95% ORGANIC

The upsides are all good.

The only things to think about are to avoid spraying near aquatic sources

With Emerald Green, you can say goodbye to endless watering and Brown stressed lawns!

If used regularly, you can apply it once per month through hot seasons, and simply water it a couple of times a week to keep it nice.

If your lawn is already under stress, apply Emerald Green, then water deeply for a week and most of the lawn should have recovered.

NOTE: The longer you leave it, the longer it takes for recovery.

Seeding a new lawn?

Apply Emerald Green once all your seed has been spread and watch your germination rates improve significantly! (note, Emerald Green wont stop birds pecking at the lawn, nor heavy rain or heavy winds from disturbing seeds

Proven results.  Please watch the video below and see how I regained my lush Green lawn in under 7 days.


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