Below you can see some of our lawns that we care for.  If you’d like to see literally hundreds of photos please view our photo albums on our Facebook page.

The lawn below was in a very poor state.  It needed a full renovation due to drought stress, poor structure and had almost died off completely.

The video below gives you a quick overview of this lawn and how it progressed in a 2 month time frame.

The following lawn had also suffered from drought stress.  This is when we had been called in.  A simple application of our Emerald Green product brought it back to life in around 2 weeks

emerald green drough stressed lawn before

emerald green drough stressed lawn after 2 weeks

Below is another lawn that came to us with issues that they couldn’t work out.  It had looked like petrol burns around the lawn so a full renovation was carried out as you can see the results below:

Full lawn renovation part 1

Full lawn renovation part 1

Below are further pictures of lawns that we look after:

stripy lawn

scarifying a lawn

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