Fertilizers are products you can apply to your lawn to help the health of the lawn and give the lawn minerals that it needs.

shaun from lawnright applying fertilizer to a lawn

There are many diofferent kinds and brands and it can be overwhelming to understand them all.

The fertilizers we use are slow releasing organic fertilizers.  The organic nature is better for the environment.

The fertilizers feed the lawn continually and gradually for up to 10 weeks.

At various times of the year a lawn benefits from fertilizers with different ratios of minerals.

When you look at fertilizers you will often see 3 letters.


These all perform different things.

  • N stands for Nitrogen and is responsible for the Growth and Greening up of the plant.
  • P stands for Phosphorous and is responsible for root nutrients
  • K stands for Potassium and deals with the overall plant health, and has a hand in Disease management.

Interested in us applying lawn fertilizers to help Green up your lawn?

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