Moss Control

When you get moss it can become an unsightly burden.  With lack of care, it will eventually take over the lawn and dominate.

spraying moss control onto a lawn


Moss, weeds and grass all compete for the same space.

Moss can be caused by any of the following conditions:

  • Damp areas (heavy clay soil for example)
  • Shaded areas
  • Cutting the grass too short

So this is why it is important to try and get plenty of sunlight onto your lawn, and not cut it too short.

We control moss by spraying on an iron based product along with a few special extras to help the roots of the grass.

Within hours the moss will turn Black and that moss will not be able to spread further.

Please note that one application is not a cure-all.  New moss will form right through Winter.  Thankfully we carry out two moss control and root feed treatments during Winter so we manage to deal with most of it.

Once moss has been sprayed and it is now in a weakend state, it is a great time to think about getting the lawn scarified.  The moss is weak and will come out easier.

Interested in getting your lawns treated to control the moss?

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