• Testimonials

  • "I had loads of dandelions and all weeds, all through the grass. Shaun came out, sprayed it and within a few weeks it's all come like this and I'm very excited about it!"

    Rating: Andrea Law, Intake, Doncaster

  • We've been with Shaun for well over a year now and in that timer, he has treated the lawns religiously and scarified when needed. They are virtually weed free most of the year and have definitely improved from what they were.

    Rating: Dave. Adams, Gainsborough

  • LOVE my lawns now. Thanks Shaun, definitely recommended!

    Rating: Erica Arken, Barnsley

  • We started out with a very weedy patch of grass - well I called it a meadow! Shaun has been coming for most of 2015 and it's transformed no end during that time. I highly recommend his services. It takes less than half an hour to treat and a few weeks later the lawn looks a lot better. Will keep using Lawnright.

    Rating: M Peterson, Edlington, Doncaster

  • HIGHLY recommended! Shaun came. He treated the lawns. Didn't get rid of every weed, but I'd say that more than 80% had gone after just one application. Was pretty chuffed with that. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of the season goes.

    Rating: Tim Oakland, Balby