Fusarium Patch

Fusarium Patch Fusarium Patch is a Fungal disease found normally towards the latter end of the year as temperatures drop.  It also sometimes emerges after snow, and is given then name of snow mould (the two are very closely related).

It can be controlled with a specialized fungicide, and this can be aided by other measures such as aeration, scarification and even sometimes by the application of an iron-based moss control application.

  • Normally you see the grass turning a Yellow duller color and patches can reach as wide as 30cm.  Two spots can met, creating a much larger looking patch.
  • Later, the patches will turn Brown as though the grass is dying.
  • You may at times see small White cotton like spores of Mycelium (particularly in wet conditions).

Reducing surface moisture helps, good drainage helps and a good airflow also helps. if your garden is particularly enclosed then there is less air moving around to blow off excess moisture, so you will at times see moss in those areas too.

If you experience any type of issue with your lawn then please do get in touch and allow us to help with our applications or simply advice.

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