Fairy Rings

Fairy Rings Despite their angelic name, they are a real eyesore for anybody proud of their lawn.  A Fairy Ring is something that can afflict just about any lawn anywhere in the world.

They can be full circles, arcs or ribbons.  They can simply be dry stretches, filled with mushrooms or toadstools, and in some cases you may even see parts of enhanced grass growth.

Until you know what a lawn has to go through, chances are you may never have noticed before.  When you start to take care of your lawn, you notice things and fairy rings are very noticeable.

What causes a fairy ring?

There are often a few reasons, but mostly we find that rotting wood, and old roots underground provide the right environment for a fungus to thrive.  This fungus is known as Mycelium.  If you dig down you will often find White patches within the soil in the affected areas.

The White spores gradually work their way upwards through the soil, and when they reach near the surface they can cause the grass to start repelling water (becoming hydrophobic) and this then causes even further problems.

What can be done?

Truthfully, it can be very difficult to get rid of fairy rings.  One dramatic way is to dig down several feet and remove all the offending soil, but this is a major upheaval.  Here at LawnRight, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that we can employ to begin improving the situation.

Simply give us a call and we will be happy to come and assess the problems within your lawn.

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