Dry Patch

Dry Patch You love your garden and you try to take care of your lawn.  Sadly, at times, we get caught out by longer spells of dry weather.  When a lawn is not watered regularly it eventually becomes hydrophobic – a state where the soil actually repels water.  At this stage, no amount of watering will help the lawn regain it’s thick lush appearance.

Dry patch occurs in patches over your lawn.  It means that your lawn is stressed.  Prevention is always better than the cure, so it pays to water regular during spells of extended hot weather.

Dry patch appears as though your lawn is dead – so there will be Brown lifeless patches.

Once your lawn is suffering it is very difficult to get water to the roots, even during wet periods.  You may notice puddles of water accumulating upon your lawn and underneath it can be very dry.

Here at LawnRight we have a few key things we can do to return your lawn to it’s rich lustrous former self.  Just give us a call and we can advise you about the best course of action.

  • The remedy is likely to include a course of scarification (if thatchy)
  • aeration
  • and the specialized application of a chemical wetting agent that holds water at the root zone.

It is a proven application that keeps your lawn Greener for longer during dry spells.  You should still water your lawn as a normal course of action.  Our treatment simply aids the process by utilizing existing moisture in the soil so the grass plant get’s more benefit.

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