Chafer Grubs

Chafer grubs Chafer Grubs can cause widespread damage to a lawn.  These White and Brown fleshy grubs are usually curved and have a Brown head with 6 legs near the head.

They are often found within the root zone of your lawn and, just like leatherjackets, like to feed on the roots, cutting the grass off from the soil, killing it from below.

You will normally find them in soft or sandy soils where they can move around relatively easily.  Their lifespan is typically 1-3 years and they can grow to around half an inch.


may fly In May, the May beetle will be seen flying around your lawn in large numbers.  This strange phenomena will normally only be noticed for a few days.  At this stage they will begin laying their eggs in your lawn.

The grubs will begin to hatch a few weeks later and start feeding on your roots, however the real damage will not really be noticed until the autumn once they are fully developed.

You can call us as soon as you see them flying around if your soil is sandy or loose and we will advise you on your next steps.

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