• About Us

  • LawnRight lawn treatment service has been an idea in the making since as far back as 2006 when the owner Shaun Baird worked for a popular lawn care company.  Fuelled by the transformations, and the ability to interact with customers on a personal basis, Shaun decided he wanted to use his knowledge and skills to bring his own unique blend of knowledge and superb customer support.

    Here at LawnRight, we are a team of people who have been treating lawns since 2006 with a proprietary Feed & Weed service and wanted to set up our own service that provided our own unique level of customer satisfaction.

    We are people-people, and customers always come first.

    We know what is needed to turn just about any lawn into a beautiful lawn that you can be truly proud of.  Get in touch and we will be happy to offer free lawn care advice and tips as well as recommend our service.

    Our regular service comprises four treatments a year:

    Treatment #1  Spring feed.

    Our products can be applied at any time.  They will only “jump” into life as the weather improves and Spring arrives, so even if we come before the good weather, our products will sit and wait for the nice weather and then begin a slowly-controlled release of fertilizer that is guaranteed not to burn your lawn.

    Treatment #2  Early Summer feed.

    This treatment provides the right mix of nutrients to the grass plant to enrich it so that it turns lush and gorgeous Green.  We also manage any weeds growing at this time with a special weed application which will eliminate most weeds within 6 weeks of application.  Be prepared to be amazed!

    Treatment #3  Late Summer feed.

    Looking after your lawn is critical during Summer.  Watering is a key and critical part of the process, and we strongly advise regular watering a couple of days after our proprietary “no-scorch” fertilizer and weed control application have been applied.

    Treatment #4 Autumn Feed

    This spray application helps provide the grass with essential micro nutrients to keep it strong and a nice rich Green color.  It also deals with any early moss occurrences by halting it’s spread for a while.  At this stage you might want to look at our lawn beneficial services which scarify and areate the lawns to prepare them for the following year.