• Winter Work

  • Scarifying

    This heavy duty process tackles the problem of thatch in the lawn.  Thatch is a suffocating layer that gradually builds up throughout the year, and as more and more builds up opt slows down the rate at which moisture/rain/nutrients can get to where it is needed - at the roots, weakening the grass plant.

    To keep a  lawn in it's best condition it is highly recommended to scarify annually.

    Our machines cut into the lawns thatch layers and thins out the existing thatch.  In heavily thatchy lawns, the finished result can look untidy for a while until it has had time to recover (typically 6 weeks during the growing season), however lawns which are regularly scarified look less unsightly once scarified and recover in under 2 weeks.

  • Hollow Tine Aeration

    This mechanical process creates thousands of holes all over your lawn around 2-3 inches deep and a half inch wide.  These holes allow air and water to penetrate a compacted soil base, and get to the roots easier.  With time, the holes start to close, loosening the surrounding soil in the process.  This further enhances the soil environment allowing for better nutrient and water absorption.

  • Moss Control Treatment

    We generally apply 2 applications from October through till March.  This Iron Sulphate based product hardens the turf (to help it withstand the rigours of winter), as well s enhancing the colour of the turf (which typically loses it's Greenness over winter).  The main function of this application is to Blacken off the moss that is present which weakens that moss and stalls it's spread (it won't prevent any new moss from emerging).  In it's weakened state it is advised to scarify or rake out the moss to keep the turf at it's best.

  • Gardening

    We are available all year round to maintain your gardens.  This includes leaf collection, pruning back, borders tidying, hedge cutting etc.  We can also offer jetwashing.