• Weed Control

  • Effective weed control

    With our broad leaf weedkiller we can safely target and kill off more than 95% of weeds.  There are a very small handful of difficult weeds which can be persistent, however these are not present on every lawn.

    Once the weedkiller has been applied, you need to stay off the lawn until dry (1-2 hours), then make sure the lawn is not cut for 2 days after application (and ideally 2 days prior to application also).  This allows the weedkiller time to get onto the leaf of the weed and get down into the roots.

    Weedkiller care:

    As safety conscious operators we have to be thoroughly compliant with various regulations.

    We have to be careful when applying near water sources, so we typically will leave a perimeter of at least 1 metre around any rivers or ponds in your garden.

    Correct application:

    The weedkillers we use nowadays are quite advanced.  They work in 2 ways.  Both through the leaf, and also in the ground to ensure good weed control.

    We have to ensure we put down the correct quantity of chemical per square metre, and this is achieved through regular training.