• Moss Control

  • Moss control solution

    Got moss in your lawn?

    Do not worry. 

    Over winter moss thrives in damp shady areas, usually at the bottom of slopes, under trees and within thick thatchy lawns. 

    Over our two winter treatments (early winter and deep winter) we apply a liquid spray of a tried and tested moss treatment to your lawn to Blacken the moss (preventing it spreading) and this helps prepare it for a more thorough scarification to help reduce the sponginess in the lawn.

    Our winter treatments also provide a far more important purpose.

    To stiffen the turf, restore some colour to it and to help it  fend off disease.

  • Why do you get moss in your lawn?

    Damp areas, soils with poor drainage, clay soils and shaded areas can all cause moss.

    Moss is a wet weather plant that loves these conditions, and over time it will dominate your lawn (unless you do something about it).

    Mowing too short can also cause moss (and weeds and disease) to take over the lawn.

    A blade of grass that is between 1 to 3 inches in length stands the best chance of thriving.  At this length it performs photosynthesis at it's best, and creates a sugar which feeds the plant helping it to thrive and gradually thicken up over the comping weeks and months.

    When you mow it too short, the grass has less blade available to photosynthesise and so it weakens.  Moss and weeds compete for the same space in your lawn and will take over.

  • How to get rid of moss

    If mosss is already present then there are a couple of things that can be done immediately to help.  Scarification, and hollow tine aeration.

    Both of the above mechanical operations are machines we bring on to your lawn to improve the conditions.

    Scarifying thins out the spongy thatch layer that sits on top of your lawn.  You will notice a spongy feel as you walk on it.

    Hollow tine aeration punches thousands of tiny holes across your lawn, removing the soil core from the hole.  This relieves compaction in the ground and allows rain, air and ntrients to get to the root zone much quicker for faster growth, recovery and better turf health.