• Fertilizers

  • Fertilizing your lawn

    Grass is a plant.  Plants rely on various nutrients and other trace elements to thrive.

    You water your plants, and often you would buy plant food from the local DIY shop to make your plants bigger and more vibrant.

    So why not your grass?

    A fertilizer is a way of giving your grass a healthy boost of nutrients to help it grow bigger and more vibrant.  It will last several weeks and aim to give a more appealing look.

    The fertilizers we use aim to give the grass a nice push to enhance it's appearance and help it thrive.

    Watering is not immediately essential, but as with plants, your lawn will be FAR happier with a long deep drink once or twice a week.  The nutrients in our controlled release fertilizer rely on moisture in the ground to help them move to the rootzone, so a drink is essential.

  • Safe Fertilizers

    Quality fertilizers.  The fertilizers that we use encompass "no scorch" technology so that they cannot burn your lawn.  Not only that but the fertilizers are "control released" too, meaning they release a controlled amount over a 10 week period ensuring your lawn stays lusher for longer.

    All of our products are child and animal friendly.  The only exception are grazing animals (like rabbits and guinea pigs who feed on the grass - in these instances we either allocate a part of the lawn that is not treated where they can be placed, or they have to stay off until 3 mows have been completed)