• Chafer Grub Control

  • Dealing with chafer grubs

    Chafer grubs are the larvae of the Chafer beetle, or "May beetle". 

    You typically see the May bug in May each year for 1 or 2 weeks then no more.

    When you see them, they are laying their eggs in the lawn, which will hatch a few weeks later.

    As the grubs grow, they feed on the roots of grass and can cause substantial devastation unless treated. 

    The lawn will begin to look Brown in places and patchy.

    The worse damage occurs as crows and other birds attempt to get to the grubs and turn the grass over.  At this stage the grass will have it's roots cut off due to the grubs and can easily be lifted up like a carpet.

    We have a solution

    Please get in touch.  We can apply a solution to help kill most of them off but you will need to water it daily for 2 weeks.