• Our Services

  • Here at LawnRight we offer a range of friendly and professional services that help improve your lawn.

    When we treat your lawn, the cost to you is cheaper than what you would pay to do it yourself.  Seriously!  Along with our professional tools and skilled licensed team members we have the skills, product and know how to turn any lawn into a thing of beauty, even if you think it is not worth saving!

    We provide a unique “feed and weed” service that can be paid either on a “pay as you go” basis, or via a monthly direct debit option to help spread the (already low) cost.

    In addition to the feed and weed service, we monitor and assess your lawn each time we visit (approximately every 10 weeks) and provide you with feedback, advice and tips to help improve it into a thing of beauty.

    We have other services that benefit your lawn:


    Aeration helps to get relieve compaction in your lawn by removing thousands of tiny cores.  This helps rainwater and Oxygen get straight to where it is needed the most.  Aeration is highly advised on an annual basis and is often considered to be one of the best things you can ever do to your lawn.


    This service removes the build up of spongy “thatch” that every lawn has.  A lawn thick with that will suffer from drought more readily and become harder and harder to manage year on year.  Some lawns develop more thatch than others, so it is advised to scarify each year to ensure the optimum level of thatch for the best growing conditions.

    Lawn rejuvenation (no need to re-turf your garden!)

    We provide a service that is extremely attractive when you look at the cost of re-turfing your entire garden.  We have a great formula that involves a double scarification, aeration, over-seeding and finally top-dressing.  When this is watered twice-daily, amazing things start to happen.  We will provide you with a top quality watering system that will bring your garden back to life in weeks, and all for a fraction of the cost of an expensive re-turf!

    Water conserver

    Our water conserver service is a unique formulation ideal for areas that suffer extensive drought.  If you’ve always suffered with a dry lawn then our water conserver will really help change things!

    Pest control

    Ants, Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets.  Often hated by garden lovers.  let us help and apply specialized products that quickly deal with these lawn-destroying problems.

    Disease control

    At different times of the year, a lawn will go through a wide range of conditions, and as part of our service we can advise you when we visit of any problems you may be having and offer a solution.  Snow mould, Red thread, Fairy rings and more.  Whatever the problem, we can help!

    If you’ve any questions then do not hesitate to get in touch.  We have a contact form at the top of the site or you can give us a call.