• Lawn care and advice covering Doncaster and beyond

    Lawn Treatment Service For Weeds

    Covering Doncaster and most of south Yorkshire (a 20 mile radius), LawnRight Ltd will treat your lawns to our proprietary "no scorch" fertilizers and weedkillers to give them a new lease of life free from most weeds.

    We visit your property around every 10 weeks to apply a proprietary treatment suitable for the time of year and conditions.  Once we apply our weedkiller, the weeds will begin to curl up and die within about 7 to 10 days and the vast majority will be gone within 6 weeks.

    A Lawn Care Service With That Personal Touch

    There is nothing worse than a lawn care company who visits your property and is in a mad rush to get to the next customer because of their heavy workload.

    We believe that YOU come first and as such we are here for any questions and advice at any time.

    The LawnRight lawn treatment service in Doncaster was officially founded in 2013 but was actually an idea in the making 10 years earlier when Shaun Baird (the owner) worked for another lawn care company. 

    He always knew how much he loved the work and felt that he had found the one thing that he loved.

    Covering all of Doncaster and most of South Yorkshire, Shaun can offer you access to his tailor made lawn care services that involve a number of pre-planned visits right through the whole year(including Winter) to stay on top of your lawns and help them stay their best.


    A great lawn begins with LawnRight. 

    Please see our testimonials.


    With lawn treatment prices starting from just £15 per visit(no monthly fees, just a simple pay as you go lawn treatment service to suit you), it is affordable for everyone.

    Our service starts with our 5 visits per year, spaced approximately every 10 weeks.  You are not tied into any service at all.

    If you want to know how to get rid of weeds please book for a free survey, and within the next few weeks your lawn can start to take on a new improved appearance.

    Within 7 to 10 days your weeds will begin to curl up and die, and within 6 weeks the lawn will look healthier and be free of most weeds, all for as little as £15, just 5 times per year.

    We are fully certified and highly experienced lawn care operatives.

    Safe lawn care products for pets and children:

    Fully NPTC certified means we can apply the right products safely.

    While our products are safe for pets and for children, we do advise that pets and everyone else stays off the lawn until the weedkiller has had time to dry.

    The only exception to this rule, is grazing animals - Rabbits, Guinea pigs and any animal who grazes/chews on the grass.

    For these "grazing" pets there are 2 options:

    • Option 1 is to simply section off an area of the lawn which avoids any lawn treatments and keep the pets on there.
    • Option 2 is to keep the pets off the lawn until 3 mows have been completed (i.e. 3 to 5 weeks).


  • Request a (no pressure) FREE quote here:

    No pressure or hassle whatsoever - ask for a free quote and I will come and measure your lawns, identify weeds, soil condition and grass health and leave you with a survey all in under 15 to 30 minutes and then be gone.  Creating lush lawns starts with a free survey.  With over 15 years experience, I know how to clear weeds, thicken grass and deal with any lawn issues

    Most average sized lawns range from £15 to £25 per treatment, but we need to measure up and take a quick look first.  Please fill out the form below for a friendly 10 minute chat, or I am happy to quote as long as the gate is unlocked, and pop the quote through your door.

    Please call me

  • Here at LawnRight we offer a range of friendly and professional services that help improve your lawn.

    When we treat your lawn, the cost to you is cheaper than what you would pay to do it yourself.  Seriously!  Along with our professional tools and skilled licensed team members we have the skills, product and know how to turn any lawn into a thing of beauty, even if you think it is not worth saving!

    We provide a unique “feed and weed” service that can be paid either on a “pay as you go” basis, or via a monthly direct debit option to help spread the (already low) cost.

    In addition to the feed and weed service, we monitor and assess your lawn each time we visit (approximately every 10 weeks) and provide you with feedback, advice and tips to help improve it into a thing of beauty.

    We have other services that benefit your lawn:


    Aeration helps to get relieve compaction in your lawn by removing thousands of tiny cores.  This helps rainwater and Oxygen get straight to where it is needed the most.  Aeration is highly advised on an annual basis and is often considered to be one of the best things you can ever do to your lawn.


    This service removes the build up of spongy “thatch” that every lawn has.  A lawn thick with that will suffer from drought more readily and become harder and harder to manage year on year.  Some lawns develop more thatch than others, so it is advised to scarify each year to ensure the optimum level of thatch for the best growing conditions.

    Lawn rejuvenation (no need to re-turf your garden!)

    We provide a service that is extremely attractive when you look at the cost of re-turfing your entire garden.  We have a great formula that involves a double scarification, aeration, over-seeding and finally top-dressing.  When this is watered twice-daily, amazing things start to happen.  We will provide you with a top quality watering system that will bring your garden back to life in weeks, and all for a fraction of the cost of an expensive re-turf!

    Water conserver

    Our water conserver service is a unique formulation ideal for areas that suffer extensive drought.  If you’ve always suffered with a dry lawn then our water conserver will really help change things!

    Pest control

    Ants, Chafer grubs and Leatherjackets.  Often hated by garden lovers.  let us help and apply specialized products that quickly deal with these lawn-destroying problems.

    Disease control

    At different times of the year, a lawn will go through a wide range of conditions, and as part of our service we can advise you when we visit of any problems you may be having and offer a solution.  Snow mould, Red thread, Fairy rings and more.  Whatever the problem, we can help!

    If you’ve any questions then do not hesitate to get in touch.  We have a contact form at the top of the site or you can give us a call.

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  • We are fanatical about lawns.

    A beautiful lawn does not just happen by magic from Spring through till Autumn.

    It needs constant TLC to transform into a real thing of beauty.  With our advice and all year round services we can help keep your lawn in a great condition.

    All you need to do is keep up with regular maintenance (mowing), or call us and we can manage that for you too.

    Through Spring to Autumn we apply our ongoing fertilizers and weedkillers where needed to keep it looking it's best.

    If it's looking dry we can advise on watering, grass length, or even offer a water conserver treatment to help lock moisture to the roots.

    From Autumn through till the following Spring the lawn needs to stay leaf-free wherever possible.  We also undergo moss control treatments as well as carry out mechanical scarification and hollow tine aeration to ensure the underlying environment is at it's very best.

    Look after a lawn all through the year and it will reward you through the sunny times.

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  • Through winter we apply our moss control treatments and our mechanical work.  Our moss control is an Iron based liquid application that helps harden the turf in readiness for winter, as well as fending off the spread of the existing moss.

    Our mechanical work comprises scarification that removes the thatch in the lawns (the sponginess), and the hollow tine aeration removes thousands of cores of soil about half an inch wide by 2-3 inches deep, relieving the compaction in the lawns.

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  • We also offer a comprehensive gardening service.  With 5+ years gardening, we like to offer these valuable extras for people who have neither the time nor the inclination.

    We are highly experienced using professional machinery for mowing, strimming, hedge cutting, pruning and border tidying.

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  • Individual Lawn Treatment Services

  • We use the finest no-scorch technology fertilizers on the market to give the best for your lawns.

  • We use some of the most advanced broad leaf weed killers on the market to effectively target over 95% of common weeds.

  • Use a wide spectrum approach, we tackle moss through liquid applications and mechanical removal to help keep your lawns healthy and lush.

  • One of the most effective mechanical ways to keep your lawn in it's optimal state of health.  Scarifying removes the suffocating layer of thatch.

  • A mechanical process to aerate the lawns and ease compaction, helping nutrients reach the roots.

  • Top dressing helps to improve the quality of the soil. 

  • Overseeding is highly beneficial each year (along with top dressing and hollow tine aeration and scarification) to help keep your lawns lush.

  • We offer effective worm cast control via a liquid application that worms hate to penetrate, keeping them below the surface.

  • Various fungi can affect a lawn throughout the year - Red Thread, Snow Mould etc.  We can effectively manage these.

  • During hot dry summers, some lawns suffer severely with drought.  Applying a wetting agent helps keep water at the roots for longer improving it's health and Green colour.

  • This proprietary application prevents vertical growth for a few weeks, and is ideal if you are planning a summer vacation.  It promotes sideways growth instead, helping thicken the lawn.

  • If you have chafer grubs (chafer beetle), or leatherjackets (cranefly larvae) then get in touch.  These need controlling to avoid lawn devastation.